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5 Common Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Dropping

Your online presence is seriously essential for your business, and the reason is the more visitors you have, the more opportunities you have to gain new clients and more exposure for your brand. If you notice that your website traffic has dropped suddenly, don’t panic. There is always a solution to fix it.

Whether it’s a technical issue, a Google algorithm change, a recent change in your website design, there are many reasons why traffic has dropped.

Below find the five commons reasons why your website traffic is dropping and my advice on how to fix it.

1. Slow Website Speed

A slow website will be the first common reason why visitors are not staying on your website. As per Google rules, your website should upload within three seconds! Google will penalise a slow site, especially on mobile.

Tip: First check your website speed: the most accurate web designers program are using: GTMetrix, or WebPageTest. Then it will tell you where you can improve your site visibility.




2. Poor Web Design Usability

You should know now if your website is not mobile friendly well – change your site design asap. The first impression does last for visitors. Your website design should be welcoming, with clear information, and message, and make the experience positive so they won’t leave your website. A clean and professionally designed website will always be a winner.

Tip: If you believe your website is poorly designed, it’s time to contact a professional web designer.

3. Lack of CTA

A CTA is a Call To Action. You need to tell your visitors what to do on your site. Your phone number and email should be visible straight away. Or maybe you want to collect email via a newsletter system or ask your visitors to book an appointment. The list goes on, but you have the picture, keep your contact details clear and easy to find.

Tip: Contact details should be on your contact page + website footer + CTA on your homepage, and for some industries, it can also be placed on top of the main menu.

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4. Not using metrics

The beauty of a website is you can monitor everything – numbers never lie. The main one is Google Analytics – check your data regularly, and check when your traffic is coming from, social media, which pages are clicked the most, etc… this will give you a clear idea when your website traffic drops off and why.

Tip: The secret of a healthy website is to drive consistency traffic to your website – so don’t forget to invite visitors to your site and post the articles of your blog on social media with links back to your site.



5. You are making people click too much

There is a golden rule in web design less than two clicks your visitors should know what to do. Keep your site information clear and organised. Too much CTAs with too much information will confuse you, and they will lose interest in your site. Less is more.

Tip: Use maximum three primary colours in your site and keep the same colour button for your CTAs this way your visitors will not only recognise the colours as a CTA but visually it will ‘jump into their eyes’. Red, yellow, orange are the most strong colours for CTAs.

Your website when is well done is an incredibly powerful tool. First impression counts and always make the visitors welcome and comfortable. The more they stay, the better is for your business.