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In case we haven't had a chance to meet...
Hi, I'm Frederique

​​​​My mission is to help you to stop wasting money on faulty websites.

You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend months creating your website, and get only little results?

The truth is... creating a website, then do digital marketing, doesn't work anymore. I know this because I made the same mistake.

That's why I create a new system to eliminate all this wasted effort and money.


It is the exact system I followed to turn my own situation around... In just a few weeks my website generated 5,000 new leads and my list is still growing...


And the only difference between my website giving me anxiety and giving me leads is FOCUS on one thing at the time and Facebook Ads.  

Let me explain:


This is me in January 2018 looking at my depressing data.

I decided to stepped back from by business and I stopped doing the digital marketing rat race... 


What I teach is completely different from the others and the uniqueness has to do with my background...

I've spent 15 years working in web design, technology and digital marketing.


- In 2004, I created my own graphic/web design agency, Fredesign. I worked with the best design and advertising agencies in Sydney.

- In 2008 I teached at a famous design Sydney University; HTML coding, web design and Flash software...

- In 2011, I created an online magazine for women about lifestyle technology: Women Love Tech. I worked for over five years with the most prominent technology brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Norton, Logitech, ect.. It was a fantastic learning curve about digital marketing and social media techniques.

I won many awards, and I sold the successful website in 2016 - Women Love Tech is still going very well supporting women in technology.


- In 2017, I founded Digistylist to help entrepreneurs like you and me to understand how the digital marketing world changed so much and how to grow your business differently.


I was working around the clock, writing articles for the blog, created a free e-book: 29 Website Mistakes & Easy Fixes, created various online courses for small business owners and spending hours on social media... 


Despite the success of social media in January 2018, I had only 5% conversion, 30 daily visitors on the site and making zero sales!

I knew it must be another way to success!

So I stopped everything except Facebook Advertising!

I used Facebook Ads to run tests on my website, and it was a massive GAME CHANGER! Slowly but surely, the small data turned into big data. I was able to eliminate the fluff and friction on my website and stay focus on one thing at the time.


And it became one of the main components of The Website Makeover system.

A system developed from scratched to grow my client's businesses and my website. And once I saw how powerful it was I knew it was ready to scale and help many more businesses stop wasting on digital marketing and web design.

To get the word out, I applied The Website Makeover to my own business in February this year and look at the massive growth. In January this year, I had only 30 visitors to over 1,000 visitors per day in March!


Now, I have 5,000 new subscribers (and still growing) on my mailing list, a website that works and I'm running it by myself.

My favourite part is that it's not rocket science, and you don't have to be tech-savvy. I know you can do it too!

What Will You Learn When Your Purchase The Website Makeover Course?

-> 6 Complete Modules that you can use instantly for your business with an easy and clear strategy to apply with no time.

-> An incredibly simple Facebook Ad formula that is almost opposite of what other Facebook Ads experts teach! This is the exact formula I used to get all my traffic and pages converting.

-> How to stop guessing and get your customers to tell you what works and what doesn't.

-> How to interpret your data and then take the right decisions for your business.

-> How to use visual data and affordable software for ridiculously faster results.

-> How to stop creating more and more digital marketing, and use that time to focus on other important areas of your business (while your business continues to generate new leads and sales.)


   This Course Is For You If:  

-> You want to save money.
-> You want to take back control of your website and your business.
-> You want Facebook Ads working for you without stressing.
-> You want your website generates real leads, sign-ups, and sales.
-> You have a website, or you are planning to have one.

When You Purchase The Course,

You'll Also Receive Bonus Content Including:


Bonus 1. Resources

Get all the resources I use as a professional website owner and marketer.

- WordDoc: Links and recommendations: software, domain, hosting, plugins, SEO, keyword research, design, social media planner...

- The Digistylist FAQs

- 74 Inspiring successful Facebook advertising examples

- 31 High-quality images to use for your website (Copyright free)


Bonus 2. Numbers Are Sexy

I will show you in a very comprehensive video how to understand your numbers and conversions and how much exactly it costs to run all those testings to ensure you are taking the right business decisions.

- Plus to help you I put together a simple and effective strategy, how to manage your budget with a timeline so this way you will have a visual which you can copy for your business. You will get results in no time!

- Plus I added the PDF for you to read on your own pace.


Bonus 3. 5% Conversion To 46%

This one is a big one. I will show you in a complete video my website backstage, and the different steps to follow how I converted 5% to 46% in only a few weeks.

- Complete video

- I have nothing to hide, and I'm completely transparent with my data.

- I break down every process and also you have access to the complete PDF document for this strategy. This is gold!


Bonus 4. Exclusive Access To Digistylist FB Community

I'm with you every steps on the way, I will be the one answering your questions on this Group as fast as I can.

- Share, promote, and ask any business questions you want.

- Plus, I will send you a weekly meeting/conference to have live coaching during office hours with me, I will help you as much as I can.

   What My Customers Say...  

"Wow, within two weeks of the Website Makeover course, I was able to create effective campaigns generating leads. My new products are getting sold through Facebook advertising! Thank you, Frederique!" Natalie - Content Manager

"I’ve seen my sales rocket, quality leads and conversions come through daily and – most importantly – I have a confident grasp of one of my most valuable assets – my website. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs on a small budget getting big results!" Ben - Entrepreneur

"Frederique's website makeover course is the best money I have spent on my business since I started. At the 2 week mark, I already saw significant improvements on my goals. I can’t rate highly enough!” Anna - E-Commerce Owner

"OMG! This material is mind-blowing! Frederique, I love this format and of course the content. This is definitely going to be an amazing ride for entrepreneurs looking to make money from their website!" Valerie - Business Owner

"I just completed Frederique's course. I can't recommend it for anyone wanting to get a clear, but fun understanding of how Facebook works. Her obvious knowledge and passion for digital marketing made learning truly enjoyable.” 

Chris - Web Designer

"In this course, I learned so much about WordPress, Facebook Ads, strategies, tips and secrets Frederique uses for her every day clients. It is so reassuring to learn from someone who has a proven track record of impressive results!" Valerie - Business Owner

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-> Bonus exclusive content - PDFs & Zip files 

Join me and let's get your website and your Facebook Ads working once and for all!


Only $361


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