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3 Website Design Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business

You have more or less than three seconds to make a good impression on your website. There is no space for errors. According to Forbes, 97 per cent of consumers research online before purchasing a product, and 75 per cent admit they judge business credibility based on their website design.

This article will cover the three main website design mistakes that can hurt your business seriously. The good news it’s easy to avoid them or to fix them.

I always say to my dear clients, ‘less is more’ in web design, this is applying for text, call to actions, messages, advertising, photos, etc…

1. Website Clutter

Web visitors do not like to be interrupted by pop-up windows and advertising. Here some elements you should avoid.


3 Website Design Mistakes That Hurts Your Business


– Too many advertisings between articles, sidebars…
– Auto-play videos
– Music (except if you have a music industry website)
– Too much text
– Too many different colours
– Too many CTAs (call to action buttons)
– Too many animations

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2. Don’t’ Brag Too Much

Of course, you need to highlight your services or products, but there is no need to add too much content explaining in details how good you are, and why you are the best, etc… A website is visual first, and then the informative second. So keep the content organised, clear and fluid on your pages. Bullet points always work their magic.


3 Website Design Mistakes That Hurts Your Business


3. Poor Images

These days Stock photos are seen as old fashion and tacky. So, web designers (me including) always invite their clients to use their real photos, portrait, services, products, office, team, sky… But here the downfall, most of the pictures are low quality, blurry, irrelevant to the design and look unprofessional. A lot can also be said about image quality and how it can affect conversions. Canva is an app with an integrated tool for resizing and manipulating images according to what you’ll be using the image.


3 Website Design Mistakes That Hurts Your Business

The secret of an excellent website is to keep it fresh, clean, simple and to the point. The recipe for success is a beautiful professional website designed with an elegant interface and clear navigation.