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6 Dramatic Web Design New Trends

The web design industry is always evolving and changing. New trends in web design are not new but the access to incredible new technologies this year is entirely different from what it was accessible only a couple of years ago.

These days web designers can create even more powerful, different and creative websites.

I have myself redesigned completely Digistylist website this year, and I only used the latest technologies, and the new web design trends are all over my site. In this post, I’m using my new site as an example of modern web design techniques (photos).

I’ve identified six new web design new trends to make sure your site says you’re more than ready for business.

1. White spaces

White spaces are used a lot by web designers. It lets the layout breathing and also sometimes the white space helps to focus on one element at the time – which is an excellent trick for websites viewed on small screens such as a phone.

digistylist 6 Exciting 2019 Web Design New Trends

2. Animations

Animations this year are more subtle and organic such as fluid shapes and elements. The new web design techniques give the options of particles, forms, speed, and position. I also like the different animated liquid icons.


digistylist 6 Exciting 2019 Web Design New Trends


3. Typography

Web designers always experiment with typography and sometimes it is hard to push boundaries typography on the web than it is in print. Coding becomes more and more sophisticated, and therefore designers can have more creativity and experimentation.

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4. Bright Colours

The new trend of 2019 of light gradients will still be strong this year. Also, the use of bright colours is always fun and looking great on the website. Without going crazy on the rainbow style, don’t be afraid to use bold colours it helps visitors to remember your site than another one and in the same time, it gives a real atmosphere of your business and industry.


digistylist 6 Exciting 2019 Web Design New Trends


digistylist 6 Exciting 2019 Web Design New Trends

5. Overlapping Elements

The trend of overlapping elements on a page can help enhance the overall aesthetic of the site. This can also be pretty difficult to execute giving the mobile-first world we live in, as overlapping elements if not done well can cause confusion and frustration of users when elements overlap in the wrong ways. To use with moderation and always test on mobile devices.


digistylist 6 Exciting 2019 Web Design New Trends6. Asymmetrical Layouts

They are pushing boundaries of the traditional grid with horizontal and vertical lines usually used in all websites layout elements. Asymmetrical layouts break all rules of web design, and it helps to stand out from the crowd and to draw attention.


digistylist 6 Exciting 2019 Web Design New Trends

There are so many more trends I could add to this article… Who says web design is boring? Web Design is getting more and more creative, but I have to admit those new trends and techniques take some years of experience and patience to learn and to play. The new web design trends and methods are not for all web designers, but the results are astonishing and so unique.


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