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How To Improve Your Google SEO Rank With This New Trick

Are you struggling to get to Google first search page? Here’s how to improve your Google SEO rank with this new trick. Google displays search results creating opportunities for companies to get to the top of the search engine results. This feature is known as Google’s Rich Answers and getting your site there is not as difficult as you might think. Best of all, it can easily be switched on, and it has a lot of potential for smaller businesses.

What are Rich Answers?

Rich Answers are a way that Google attempts to make it as easy as possible for its users to get the information they’re looking for by providing the answer to a question right on the search engine results page.

These answers can come in many forms from text-based to images and graphics, maps, and lists.

Rich Answers are a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd and prove your authority and expertise. Appearing at the top of the list in the Rich Answers will give you credibility and visibility.

Google doesn’t just pick the sites with the fanciest SEO and greatest domain authorities to appear in their Rich Answers. This is good news for soloists and smaller businesses that might not otherwise be able to reach the number one Google spot.


How to get your content featured in Rich Answers

The first step to getting your content featured on Rich Answers is to determine the specific questions you want to answer. These will be questions your target audience uses when they are searching for information relevant to your business.

One great way to find the questions people are asking is to use the autofill feature in your Google search bar. Just start typing in a question and look at how Google completes it. It will give you a clue as to what people are searching for so you can word your questions and answers accordingly.

How To Improve Your Google SEO Rank With This New Trick

Once you have identified many questions, you will need to create content around those issues.

How To Improve Your Google SEO Rank With This New Trick

After you have determined your questions there are four things you need to do:
  • Use <h1> tags to mark up the questions you want to answer.
  • Use keywords in your content.
  • Ask the question and answer it succinctly in the body of your content.
  • Provide variations of the question

Google’s Rich Answer box provides websites of all different shapes and sizes with a great place to feature their content, and improve brand awareness. It’s free and it worth it to try to bring more traffic to your site.

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