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How To Find The Perfect Web Designer

Here a quick article for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need to update their website or redo it from scratch. Unless you are planning to change your full site yourself, you will need to contract a freelance web designer or using a web agency – either way you will need to change safe and entrust with the designer. Your website is the first impression your potential customers can see from your business online, so don’t get it wrong!

Here a quick video to help you to pick the right web designer.

1. Check their work

Check their online portfolio and clients, experience, years in the industry, reputation, e.g., Linkedin recommendations, testimonials. Try to stay away from designers that are on the other side of World. Those designers are right to work on a small part of your site, but for the full one I highly recommend to meet face to face your designer or via Skype, Zoom, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc…

2. Check their skills

Check their ability to use a web platform that you can later update yourself without paying extra money. I know some designers charging clients $250 to upload one PDF! Pick a designer who doesn’t just design. A great 2018 web designer, should know about SEO basics, different web platforms, plugins, Google Analytics, hosting, UX design, social media, content marketing, blogging, etc… and yet they are hard to find.

3. Humble vs Proud

Humble vs Proud. Pick a humble web designer (not shy) but someone that doesn’t brag too much how good they are and deliver high-quality design. So many designers are proud resulting they can become very territorial with their designs and then you will have the worse time when you will ask for changes! Always keep in mind: it’s your website, your business, your last word – but be nice, designers are creative people, and by definition, they are more sensitive than a down to earth coder.

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4. Years of Experience

Check the designer experience – don’t pick a web designer who finished Uni last week! They are creative, but they have no idea of the business world, how it works, how clients react, etc. Pick an experienced designer that you are comfortable with and that he or she is reliable and always responsive to your requests.

5. Trust

Listen to what a designer has to say. You pay them for their experience and skills that you don’t have. Therefore they know what they are doing. Your web designer will become a business partner and grow with you as the website will.