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How To Choose The Best Website Builder

I’m a professional web designer and a digital marketer (not bragging). Therefore, I would like to give you in this article all the things I’ve learnt over many years. I will discuss; hosting, domain, web platform, e-commerce… You may not agree with me, but this is genuinely the best options in the industry. So let’s get started.

A domain is your website name, in the old days business owners used a piece of paper and brainstorm to find the right name for a business. Today is different, before choosing your business name you must first check if the domain name is available! Lucky you all domain companies will instantly tell you if the name is available or not. If you have already registered your business name, don’t worry you can still find a domain close to your name.Depends on which country you are running your business, for example; in Australia, it can be or in France mybusiness.frIf you want a domain that can be recognised globally, I highly recommend .com try to stay away from .org (except for a government company) or .edu (education) you get the idea. is perfect for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals looking to get online.


There are many hosting companies on the market, and it can be confusing. Plus many domain agencies offer the hosting at the same time – which it can be attractive because of their low prices. But then you have to pay extra money for more memory in case your website grows or depends on how many images, videos and content.

Let me simplify.

Domain name same as your business name – if possible .com don’t get the hosting offered by the domain company. Try to keep your hosting and you domain companies separated.

WP Engine is the leading WordPress digital experience platform.

Web Platform

For a professional website, you should choose the best: WordPress

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner? The truthful answer is no but it’s is not overly complicated either.

Don’t scroll down, and let’s look at some impressive statistics:

– 60.2% WordPress share the global content management market

– 75 million websites use WordPress

– 87.2 million of new posts on WordPress blogs monthly

Here a great article: 44 Amazing WordPress Statistics and Facts (March 2018)

WordPress is free, and you have endless options to add plugins (mini-programs) into your site to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimizing images, social media widgets, blogging, posts, comments…. all in one place.

Note: Use (not otherwise your website will be, and in the footer, you will have a watermark saying is a free website and you don’t want that on a professional site!

To create your website with WordPress, you have the choice between many professional WordPress themes. Don’t go for the free themes. A premium theme costs around $40/$60 and the best news you can upload a theme without knowing coding.

The best platform to buy a premium theme is ThemeForest (Envato Market) great place also for Keynote, plugins, etc…

Tip: Try to stay away from the new websites created, most of them don’t have a clean code.

I suggest buying themes that are updated at least once per month, with over 15,000 customers and a stable support platform.


Great hosting is as much important as your domain – if you have the best theme, domain but a crappy hosting your website will crash, perform slow and Google doesn’t like a slow site.

For WordPress, the best two hosting companies are: BlueHost is the cheapest and WP Engine, but you can have up to 10 websites on the same hosting which is fabulous.

Personally, I use WP Engine for years, and they back up the data of my sites, tell me which plugins can harm my site, they update WordPress automatically. I struggled for years with hosting companies, wanted to cry when my website was crashing. Since I use WP Engine, I don’t worry anymore about how my sites are performing.


Each website starts with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), but in the last two years, Google much prefers HTTPS.

Last month, a lady told me on Digistylist Facebook page, her designer wanted to charge her $75 to change her site from HTTP to HTTPS! What a joke. She has changed her hosting with WP Engine where the HTTPS (SSL) is free, and again WP Engine will do it for you. Plus if you sell online, your customers will feel secure to buy online on a secure website.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to be responsive design, meaning it will display correctly on any web browser (Safari, Chrome) but also on any mobile, and tablets. A not responsive website won’t convert leads.

According to NetMarketShare (Nov 2017), Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic, followed by Yahoo 2% and Bing 1%.

Here the link to this interesting article about how much the mobile took over the desktop.

Don’t be impressed by WordPress. I know some beginners who built their site on WordPress within three days.

I have to admit it can be time-consuming if you are a busy entrepreneur however it worth it in the long term.

And, if you don’t have the time, you can ask a web design to set up for you and to show you how to create new posts, pages or uploading images.

In purpose, I don’t talk about Wix or Squarespace, but here a must read article: How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2018

Finally, let’s talk about online shopping online. Again there are many available choices. For WordPress the best plugin used by thousands of people is WooCommerce. This is the one I used also.

I tried Shopify once, but it wasn’t for me so I can’t give you an honest review, but it’s a reliable option for online shopping.

Voila, you have now all the tools to use to create a fantastic website!