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Digistylist web trends

6 Dramatic Web Design New Trends

The web design industry is always evolving and changing. New trends in web design are not new but the access to incredible new technologies this year is entirely different from what it was accessible only a couple of years ago. These days web designers can create even more powerful, different and creative websites. I have myself redesigned completely Digistylist website this year, and I only used the latest technologies, and the new web design trends are all over my site.
How To Efficiently Plan Your Blog Posts

How To Efficiently Plan Your Blog Posts

Everyone these days are writing on their website blog articles that are close to their business industry or to their heart. But writing takes time especially structuring an online article with photos, links, SEO... I have been professionally blogging for over nine years, and I still love writing, but surely it's time-consuming! When you have a private life, a company to run and a million other things to do every day - how do you manage a 'writing day'? Discover my best
How To Better Rank Your Website With Google 2019

How To Better Rank Your Website With Google

Trust is huge in the eyes of Google, and the more trustworthy your website and content are, the higher the impact is of Google ranking better your site. See some easy tips on how to better rank your website with Google in 2019 without being an expert! We don't know exactly what Google's ranking algorithm considers when crawling pages on the Internet. The main reason is Google has never publicly listed ALL the factors it takes into account when ranking account.
Digistylist Infographic 2019

23 Website Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you want a successful business, you’re going to need a website. However, if you don’t invest in a professional website, you won’t get the results expected. Web development and design play a huge role in ensuring your site and online presence to be successful! At Digistylist we've put together an infographic to showcase 23 website statistics that business owners should know right now. -- - 1 - 94% of negative website feedback is design related. Visitors prefer a simple
DIGISTYLIST - 8 Incredible Ways To Increase Trust With Your Website

8 Incredible Ways To Increase Trust With Your Website

These days everyone has a business website, but what makes your business stand over your competition? Do you create enough trust for your visitors to click on the contact form for a quote? Let's see in this article 8 incredible and easy ways to increase trust with your website. 1. About page The about page is critical not only for Google that will fetch the keyword for a better ranking but also it's an opportunity to show to prove your
3 Website Design Mistakes That Hurts Your Business

3 Website Design Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business

You have more or less than three seconds to make a good impression on your website. There is no space for errors. According to Forbes, 97 per cent of consumers research online before purchasing a product, and 75 per cent admit they judge business credibility based on their website design. This article will cover the three main website design mistakes that can hurt your business seriously. The good news it's easy to avoid them or to fix them. I always

5 Common Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Dropping

Your online presence is seriously essential for your business, and the reason is the more visitors you have, the more opportunities you have to gain new clients and more exposure for your brand. If you notice that your website traffic has dropped suddenly, don't panic. There is always a solution to fix it. Whether it's a technical issue, a Google algorithm change, a recent change in your website design, there are many reasons why traffic has dropped. Below find the

How To Find The Perfect Web Designer

Here a quick article for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need to update their website or redo it from scratch. Unless you are planning to change your full site yourself, you will need to contract a freelance web designer or using a web agency - either way you will need to change safe and entrust with the designer. Your website is the first impression your potential customers can see from your business online, so don't get it wrong! Here
Frederique Bros Digistylist

Why I Won’t Read Your Blog

If you have a blog or thinking of starting one - you will love my new video: Why I won't read your blog, the truth! Here my favourite tips how to be a successful blogger and share a good laugh. Enjoy. - - Read Also: How To Drive Consistent Quality Traffic -