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5 SEO Tips For Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the most targeted method of marketing available to us today – In this Digistylist article discover the 5 SEO tips for your Facebook page to get the best out of your digital marketing channel. Explore the most useful and valuable content for free, it will help you to create significant engagement and to capture useful emails for your future promotions and up-selling.

To begin with, it is essential to understand the importance of Facebook Pages.

1.  Facebook Pages are for businesses, brands and organisations to share their stories and connect with people.

2.  Your Facebook Page gives your business a voice on Facebook.

3.  Customise your page by posting stories, hosting events, adding apps, posting videos, polling your following and more!

4.  People and friends who like your page can get your pages updates in their News Feed.

1. Choose the best name for your Facebook Page

This is a no-brainer and it’s an essential step when it comes to optimising your brand on Facebook, avoid the temptation to stuff your page with a ton of keywords as this can hurt your viral growth rate inside Facebook. If you appear too spammy, your followers will be less likely to engage with your page.

5 SEO Tips For Your Facebook Page

2. Update your username as soon as you have over 25 likes

Search engine algorithms heavily weight URLs, so include your brand name and one keyword if possible.

5 SEO Tips For Your Facebook Page

3. Use keywords in strategic locations

Just like a traditional website, keyword optimisation is the most fundamental form of on-site SEO. The most critical pieces to pay attention to are the ‘about’ section, ‘mission’ and ‘story’ – those elements are SEO elements!


5 SEO Tips For Your Facebook Page

4. Backlink to your fan page on existing channels

The more inbound links to your page, the more official your page is according to Google, and you will be ranked higher. So, where it is appropriate, include a link to your fan page form your other channels, like your website, blog, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profile.

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5. Optimise Facebook Page status updates

When posting updates, articles, videos, or events, remember the first 18 characters serve as the meta description, so take advantage of the option when Facebook asks you to ‘write something’ since that text will be considered the SEO title for that update. Including direct links to your businesses website in your updates is also a good practice to follow and it’s a free backlink to your site when people share the post!

5 SEO Tips For Your Facebook Page

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