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19 YouTube Mistakes To Avoid

According to Similar Web, YouTube is the world’s 3rd most-visited website after Google and Facebook. Cisco predicts that 80% of all Internet traffic will be video content by 2020. Yes, everyone is watching YouTube, and you can no longer afford to ignore video marketing. It’s a core competency within digital marketing. The good news is it’s easy to get started, the bad news is you will probably make mistakes with your YouTube channel. I have gathered the top 19 YouTube mistakes to avoid in 2020. It will help you tremendously when starting your own channel or fixing an existing one.

Start from the bottom and work your way up!

1. Not posting frequently

You need to post frequently and to be consistent.

2. Not crafting professional thumbnails

Professional thumbnails will attract the right audience in the crowded channel.

3. Not taking advantage of free extension tools like VidIQ

VidIQ is a great extension to get analytics on your videos, keywords and your competition.

4. Not picking a channel theme that will do well long-term

Try to develop a topic that people will need your advice for in five or ten years.

5. Not investing in a good microphone & camera

If your sound and video quality are average, you will find it more difficult to get subscribers.

6. Not posting videos during prime engagement hours (check your analytics)

Check your video analytics to see which day and time people are clicking most on your videos.

7. Not paying attention to trends (follow YouTube trends)

Follow the YouTubers in the same industry as you and regularly check the trends to see what is new and trendy!



 8. Not optimising videos for rankings and click-through rates

Add keywords to the video description and title.

9. Not using analytics to drive decision making

Analytics show what your subscribers prefer and what are their favourite videos.

10. Not talking about the areas that you are passionate and competent 

If you have a theme that you are not fully engaged with, this will show and make it more difficult to create a successful YouTube channel.

11. Not to know your audience

Again, analytics are your best friend, the more you know your followers, and better you service them.

12. Not making a plan on how much money you make

You can monetise your videos which will increase your subscriber rate.

13. Not being strategic about your YouTube channel

Like every digital marketing channel, you need to be strategic and plan to advance your video and script.

14. Not being consistent with your video publishing

Watch the most popular YouTubers, and you will notice they post at least two to five times per week, consistency is the key to social media.

15. Not to watch another tutorials to help increase your audience and improve yourself

All entrepreneurs should keep improving their skills, and it’s the same for YouTube.

16. Not to practice your speech and how you talk in front of a camera

Practice, practice, practice! The more comfortable you are in front of a camera the more you will enjoy it.


17. Not to link important website + links in your video description

Always add your social media links, and website. Again check your competition and do better than them.

18. Not looking at your analytics YouTube + Google at least five times per week

You can do it from your desktop and also from your phone; it’s undoubtedly addictive but advantageous.

19. Not to watch and learn from other channels in your industry

Learn from the best, be inspired and do better! YouTube like any other social media, it takes time, start from the bottom and work your way up!

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